So since I never did a formal introduction (better late than never, right?) so I have decided to a very informal one. A few basic facts and some interest I enjoy that will probably shed some light on the kind of person I am.
I am 21 years old, meaning I am from the great year of ’95. I attend college and in the process of changing my majors. Yeah, I guess I am a part of a statistic. But hey I’m happier and that is what matters.
So now to name a couple interest:
I can spend hours watching television and I am not ashamed. I am definitely at times the epitome of a “couch potato”, but replace the word ‘couch’ with ‘bed’. I just really love my shows, like; Shark Tank, Chopped, and Bar Rescue. Are you seeing some sort of pattern? Talking about having a “type”.
I am a movie snob and let me explain before you try to define “movie snob”. I simply mean that I arrive in time for the trailers and most of the time even the “First Look” previews, my regal card is like my credit card, and I like to sit dead center of the theatre. To be honest I cannot stand when I go to the movies with friends and they all reserve tickets for the back row. I paid for a big screen, I expect to enjoy the big screen. I also insist on popcorn and soda every time, it’s like 1/3 of the experience! So yeah, that is my definition of a “movie snob”, and I am a proud one.
But yeah here is my informal, but sorta lengthy introduction of myself. As I continue blogging, I will continue introducing myself. Besides people change and why not?
& If you read this whole thing, you’re the coolest.


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